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Different Shades of Her

Women form one of the most apt case studies of insights in psychology and behavioral patterns. I say that due to my innumerable and perhaps close interactions with a variety of women all spread across a dynamic age group and exhibiting strikingly contrast thought processes. It has always intrigued me to study them closely, the way they talk and carry themselves in public, the way they behave around friends and ultimately how they are when they are all by themselves. I have been able to slot them categorically based on their behavior, perception of the world, relationships, men and how they project themselves and wish to be perceived by the world as well as by the opposite sex.

1. No Nonsense, No facade!

These are the women who believe in maintaining an honest and transparent image, irrespective of the company and the expectations of people around them. For them, being who they are matters more than what the world wants them to be. They are blunt (don’t mistake me for rude. There is a difference between blunt and rude), sharp, intelligent and smart. They take pride in who they are and will not sacrifice something that they truly believe in. This type of woman is independent but she craves for love and companionship. It might not be the ultimate goal of her life but if she finds a compatible partner she will settle with him eventually.

For her, her pride and self respect matter and she will not compromise even an ounce to take shit from others just because doing so makes them happy. She is the successful goal-oriented woman who will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She will fight the world but not compromise on her ground no matter the given circumstances.

2. The Homemaker

For them all they aspire and wish to do is to keep their families content. Every group in college has this one girl who probably has the best brains and smartness one can ask for but unfortunately for them life is all about cracking new records in the kitchen. She is the woman who gets married as soon as college is over to the man her family chooses for her even if she might have been in love with someone because common, ‘how can I hurt my parents or ruin my family’s name in the society just for the sake of a man?’ I mean with no offense to the sentiments of the women who fall in this category, but I somehow find it difficult to digest the thought process that pushes one to take this decision. Agreed, we all live in a society and there are certain societal norms that one is expected to follow but when will you realize that social structures and norms is a very subjective phenomenon. We the people of the society determine the rules that will guide us. Without giving in to the pressure, it would be good to see women take a bold step and decide who she will choose to get married to than someone else determining your happiness. Go find the man who gets the best out of you. Make use of the degree that you worked so hard for and don’t make it like a priced possession to display to your kids.

Let there be no room for if’s and but’s because remember, ‘Change is the only constant.’

3. Dreamcatcher

That’s right. If all of you know what a dreamcatcher is then you know what I am talking about. This woman loves her dream life so much so that she creates an illusional life in her real world by creating situations or portraying herself as someone who she is not. She loves living the real life by keeping her eyes closed because dreams are way better than reality. She will victimize herself simply to gain sympathy from others and believe me when she does so it is convincing to the T. Even when she is caught making up things, she will refuse to extricate herself from the burden of having to maintain a facade but infact fall deeper in the obscure web of her illusions. For her maintaining the virtual image matters more than the real self and in this race, the real is lost in a maze. I feel pity and sad for such women because there is a problem at the psychological level where there is a need to tread deeper to understand the real person behind the veil only if she is willing to let someone though it. Nevertheless, she is a great storyteller and God help the one who falls prey to her.

4. Cynical Aunty

They have a knack of making even the wonderful things appear ordinary cause not that they are difficult to please but somehow the art of appreciation continues to defy them all the time. Be it love, life, work, family or friends this woman will never cease to find faults in situations that come her way. You can never be sure of what she is thinking at any given point of time or what her reaction is going to be in a given situation because she loves giving contrasting reaction even if it is unnecessary. You definitely don’t look forward to being in the company of such women and in case you are stuck with them, if you are someone like me you make sure to maintain safe distance just to avoid a heated argument that could worsen the cynic in them.

They will never make an effort to change their attitude cause according to them they are the victims of life where happiness and success continue to elude them and their life story forms the perfect premise for the next Sooraj Barjatiya film. If only they understood the worth of the wondrous beauties that life has to offer and how it makes one feel. Till then, happy cribbing!

5. The Sucker

They are the most unfortunate women I have come across in my life. They are the ones who make one man/ event as their centre of gravity and behave in a manner as if the world will come down crashing on them if they do not win over that man/ event. They are always ready to compromise on their values and ideologies, give up on people and things which could be dear to them because their centre of gravity is their driving force and winning over that gives them the ultimate high in life, however momentary that could be. For the world, they might portray themselves as being this hedonistic and strong willed woman but go weak in their knees when it comes to this one person. This person has the power to manipulate and use the sucker in these woman for their own benefit. It is a mutually gratifying relationship where one is willing to sacrifice her all and the other gets everything he wants. Wonder, how they last.

6. Forever Confused

They will never be sure of what they want in life or how they feel cause their opinions are based on the perceptions of people around them. Usually, women like these possess the herd mentality and cannot take decisions for themselves due to excessive dependency on their families or friends who have controlled major part of their lives. Even when it comes to a relationship, they are the shuttlers who cannot find love and companionship with just one person and hence end up breaking their hearts more than once. If you ever ask them for an opinion, they will have an ambiguous response cause they have never taken the pain to exert pressure on their grey cells that must have started to decay by now. You need to be aware of such ladies because they are highly unreliable when it comes to acting true to their words.

7. Miss Perfect

I envy the miss perfect ladies. They somehow have a great life with an amazing family,  best job, great set of friends and a supportive partner. They might not be the best but great at whatever task they do and make sure to excel in the fields they are in. They are the ones who get to go on these amazing road trips or treks to the mountains all the time filling you with morose about your current situation and bank savings every single time. They are the pep talkers and happy go lucky souls and it feels great to be surrounded by such women. They are the strong women who cannot and will not rely on anyone and everyone to lend them a shoulder to cry on in trying times. They are independent, self reliant determined to carve a niche for themselves in this patriarchal world of men.

How I wish their numbers were more than the rest.

8. Mystique souls

Mystique women love living in a parallel world. There are two versions of such women,. One that the world witnesses on the surface and the other is the hidden personality that finds an outlet to express herself in the parallel world. These women are always submerged deep in  their thoughts and have a calculated approach towards life. They will talk only when it is absolutely necessary, will divulge selective information about themselves and have fixed set of friends. They are limited certain inhibitions or social restrictions that prevent them from expressing their inner thoughts and desires and hence they wish to do in their parallel lives. They deliberately don’t mean any harm to the people they love but for them having a parallel life is important so as to function normally in the real world. It is quite interesting to be around such women because they offer you a unique perspective which others cannot.

PS: This article is purely based on my interpretations of interactions with women I have come across and need not be taken personally.

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