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Tuesdays with Morrie


I had heard quite a lot about this Mitch Albom novel since I was in college but somehow could never lay my hands on it. Finally, I managed to finish the book last weekend and I am so glad that I did. Some things just got a timing and this was mine with Professor Morrie as he is about to enter the other side of world and makes everyone a part of his death journey, in a good way ofcourse.

There is no plot or drama in the book whatsoever. It is an old man’s death journey as he suffers through the terrible ALS disease but he is determined not to lose his mind as his body is losing every bit of life that is left in it. One of his old students gets to know of this and decides to meet the professor. What results is a series of meetings between the professor and the student every Tuesday until the last, where they discuss a myriad of topics concerning the very existence of human life. From talking about love, family, career, relationships and death, Morrie shares the basic wisdom of life and it is so heart-touching that you feel ashamed of being in an oblivion all the while. A sick, old man has to remind a healthy young man about the magic of human life and relationships; how it is extremely simple to maintain relationships and uphold the love, no matter who you are and where you are.

I was crying like a kid while reading the book cause it made me emotional about the weakening condition of Morrie and I was feeling sorry for not having to express to my loved ones so often. It is simple, beautiful and the most eternal feeling that you can experience ever. This book will stay with me for a while and once you read it, I hope it will with you too.

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