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What if…

Time ticks, You age. With you your bonds age, Some mature, Others can’t match the pace. The ones you hold close, Are the ones you wish to take along. In times of doubt, You know you can sail through. But what if…. What if you drift for reasons unknown? What if.. You never saw it coming? What if… You realised too late? What if… There was no time to mend? What if… You said and your words were succumbed in a black hole? What if.. You were no more important? It hurts, Heart winces in pain. Blame game ensues, Cascading in an avalanche of fireball. You can see the only person, Who heard your cries being sucked into the lost universe. You stand there, All alone; a mere spectator. The galaxy of stars laughing at you, Universe sniggering at your apathy. That’s when you feel real loss.. It’s not the loss of the person, It’s the loss of a bond. A bond which was worth a million heartbeats!

#friendship #Poem

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